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Celltech Group is a global battery supplier and battery manufacturer of leading battery solutions with operations in nine countries, four R&D and production facilities, and approximately four hundred employees. Celltech Group’s mission is to enable electrification in the safest and most sustainable way. Read more about Celltech Group.

With the support of our extensive partner network created over the 40 years we have been in the battery business, we provide value-added, high-quality, and competitive Celltech Lifecycle solutions with efficient logistics. 

We supply a wide range of industries with batteries, battery packs and battery systems, as well as power systems and energy storage. Read more about our products.

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EU Battery Regulation

New EU Batteries Regulation – How should companies using batteries prepare in 2024?

The EU’s new battery regulation is an important step towards a more sustainable and competitive battery economy. The regulation sets new requirements for battery design, manufacture, labelling, recycling and reporting. The regulation applies to all batteries imported into or used in the EU, including portable, industrial and automotive batteries. Companies that use batteries must be aware of their obligations and understand how to ensure their partners comply with the regulations.

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