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Celltech Group is a global battery supplier and battery manufacturer of leading battery solutions with operations in nine countries, five R&D and production facilities, and over four hundred employees. Celltech Group’s mission is to enable electrification in the safest and most sustainable way. Read more about Celltech Group.

With the support of our extensive partner network created over the 40 years we have been in the battery business, we provide value-added, high-quality, and competitive Celltech Lifecycle solutions with efficient logistics. 

We supply a wide range of industries with batteries, battery packs and battery systems, as well as power systems and energy storage. Read more about our products.

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A Guide To Orderings A Custom Battery Pack

How to Order a Customised Battery Pack

Battery solutions are fast becoming crucial for powering applications across various industries. With the complexity and diversity of batteries available in the market today, it is advisable to seek the guidance of an experienced battery specialist when planning and selecting the optimal battery solution. In this article, we will delve into what application manufacturers should understand when choosing a battery partner and ordering a tailored battery pack.

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Cell Pack Solutions

Cell Pack Solutions Ltd to Celltech Group

Cell Pack Solutions Ltd, a British battery company, has joined the Celltech Group. As a result, Celltech Group now has research and development and production facilities in five countries. Celltech Group has offices in nine countries and employs around 430 people.

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40th Anniversary

Celebrating 40 Years of Powering The Change!

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Celltech, a significant milestone that highlights our journey from a small startup in Sweden to a leading name in the battery industry. Over these four decades, we’ve evolved from focusing on tailor-made alkaline battery packs to acknowledged battery specialists, with our offering ranging from button cells to battery packs and UPS power solutions to highly specialised battery systems for industrial machinery.

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Evolution Of Industrial Batteries

The Evolution of Industrial Batteries

The industrial battery sector is experiencing a paradigm shift towards customisation and the application- rather than chemistry- specific selection of batteries. Kim Nikitin, the Chief Operating Officer of Celltech Group, sheds light on the importance of this evolution, highlighting the expanding array of battery options now available to OEM manufacturers.

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