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Advanced battery solution for a cordless household appliance

This business case study examines the successful definition, design, manufacturing and implementation of an advanced lithium-ion battery solution by Celltech, aimed at improving the performance and user experience of a cordless household appliance. The solution addresses key challenges faced by the former battery solution and enhanced the overall efficiency, reliability,

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Celltech Heat Pump

Sustainable Organisation: Halving CO2 emissions

At Celltech Group, we are committed to mitigating our carbon footprint by adopting sustainable practices. In this article, we will discuss our target to halve our carbon dioxide intensity by 2030, our focus on transferring to more carbon-efficient alternatives, and how we use heat pumps to reduce carbon emissions.

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IFSEC – United Kingdom

Fairfield (Celltech Group company in the UK) is all set to participate in the upcoming International Fire and Security Exhibition and Conference (IFSEC) to be held from May 16-18 at ExCeL London.
Fairfield will showcase its cutting-edge battery solutions of different chemistries from leading manufacturers, including Yuasa, Powersonic, Varta

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EOT 2023

EOT Expo – Denmark

Join us at EOT – Electronics of Tomorrow on May 9-11, 2023, in Copenhagen, Denmark.
EOT is the knowledge hub and meeting place for the entire electronics and technology industry. There you can explore product news and trends from the entire electronics and technology industry.

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Elfack 2023

Elfack – Sweden

Celltech Abatel AB will participate at the Elfack trade show in Gothenburg, Sweden, from May 9th to May 12th. Elfack is a comprehensive exhibition that encourages collaboration between the electricity and lighting industry, and the actors in real estate, cities, transport, and industry.

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Robotbrag 2023

Robotbrag – Denmark

Celltech A/S will be one of more than 70 exhibitors when the biggest robot party of the year kicks off at the Danish Technological Institute’s Robotbrag in Odense, Denmark.

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Euro Expo 2023 Staubo

EURO EXPO – Norway

Staubo Elektro-Maskin AS (part of Celltech group) will attend EURO EXPO IndustriMesse in BERGEN on the 26. – 27. April. Come and join us to discuss industrial battery solutions that will make your business thrive!

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Sustainable Organisation: Diversity

On International Women’s Day, we present Celltech Group’s Sustainable Organisation Goal of 40% female leadership by 2030. We believe that varied and representative teams are essential for being a good employer. Diverse teams ensure positive business growth and increased well-being. In addition, good employers attract talented workers. As a result,

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