Batteries and Power Solutions

Battery solutions

Celltech is a leading provider of advanced battery systems, battery packs, power supplies, and energy storage systems for a wide range of applications. Our expertise in various battery chemistries allows us to design and manufacture custom battery solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers.

At Celltech, we take a holistic approach to battery solutions, considering the entire lifecycle of the product. We use the Celltech Lifecycle model to ensure that our solutions are safe, sustainable, and optimized for performance throughout their lifetime.

Learn about choosing batteries and different battery chemistries in Celltech Battery School.

Power solutions

Our energy storage solutions are designed for utility-scale applications, including power plants, with benefits such as peak shaving, load shifting, and backup power. We offer software solutions that allow customers to remotely monitor and manage the performance of the energy storage system.

We also provide full support throughout the product lifetime, from initial concept study to possible second life applications and recycling. Our experienced engineers are dedicated to designing and manufacturing cost-effective solutions that meet the quality, safety, and reliability requirements of our customers.

If you need an experienced and reliable battery system, battery pack, power supply, or energy storage system manufacturer, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.