Custom battery packs

Custom Battery Packs for Diverse Industry Needs

At Celltech, we specialise in designing and manufacturing custom battery packs tailored to meet the unique requirements of various industries. With over 1000 customer-specific rechargeable and primary power packs under our belt, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions. Whether you need a simple primary alkaline power pack or a highly advanced Lithium battery system with cloud-based online monitoring and management, our expertise in power pack design and manufacturing ensures fast and cost-effective solutions. Find your local solutions provider here.

Quality, Safety, and Reliability Assurance

With our extensive experience in developing power packs for companies across different industry segments, we understand the importance of quality, safety, and reliability. Our operations and products consistently meet our clients’ requirements, regulations, and expectations. We have developed the Celltech Lifecycle model to guide us in each delivery project through each phase from defining the need to verifying the solution, manufacturing, logistics, support and recycling.

Expertise in Custom Battery Packs for Industrial Devices

Our battery systems group has been designing and manufacturing batteries for industrial devices for many years. We possess in-depth knowledge of different chemistries for both primary and rechargeable battery systems, allowing us to select the most suitable battery power solution to fulfil customer requirements. Whether you’re in need of a battery pack for medical devices, industrial OEM applications, electric vehicles, or LED lighting, we have you covered.

Designed and Manufactured to Reduce Time to Market and Costs

We understand the significance of time to market and cost efficiency in today’s competitive landscape. That’s why our battery packs are meticulously designed and manufactured to help you reduce time to market and costs. Moreover, we subject our products to rigorous testing to ensure they meet the UN transportation requirements specified in UN38.3. Rest assured, all our lithium packs are shipped correctly, adhering to the highest UN safety standards for packaging and shipping.

A Wide Range of Applications

Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries find extensive use across a broad spectrum of applications. Some of the areas where our battery systems excel include:

Battery packs for Medical Devices

Our power packs are ideal for medical carts, handheld devices, surgical equipment, monitoring devices, and more. We have the ISO 13485 certificate for manufacturing batteries for medical devices. Read more.

Battery packs for Industrial OEM

Whether it’s data logging, portable electronic devices, sensors, or environmental monitoring, our battery packs deliver reliable power solutions. Read more.

Battery packs for Defence and Security 

From emergency/exit lights to defence equipment, our battery systems provide tough, reliable and long-lasting power for various needs. Read more.

Partner with Us for Tailored Battery Solutions

Batteries are critical components of electrical equipment and products. Making the right choice is crucial from the start, considering the investment involved. While some situations may call for simple solutions utilising existing standard products, others may require customised adaptations due to specific battery requirements and constraints. In such cases, we assist you in finding the best solution.

Working closely with our clients, we develop tailored solutions that meet their unique needs. With a team of over 300 professionals across our production and development facilities in Europe and Asia, we deliver safe and reliable battery packs, ranging from simple lead-acid batteries to complex lithium-ion packs. From the initial analysis of customer requirements to design, prototyping, production, and delivery, we ensure a seamless process.

With 40 years of experience, our unique battery solutions have been integrated into hundreds of thousands of products, from electric vehicles to sports watches and ROVs. Leveraging our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we help you design a solution that precisely meets your battery’s unique requirements, whether it’s a large-scale battery system or a small battery pack. We collaborate with leading suppliers to ensure the highest quality components.

Read more about steps involved and critical considerations when ordering a customised battery pack.

Key Parameters We Consider

When developing custom battery solutions, we take into account several important parameters, including:

– Environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.)
– Performance requirements (current and voltage)
– Integration with electronics
– Volume and weight considerations
– Safety aspects
– Compliance with regulatory requirements
– Industry-specific regulations

Partner with us at Celltech for the development of safe, integrated batteries that allow you to outshine your competitors. With our deep understanding of battery chemistry and industry-specific safety requirements, we ensure that the best available technology is utilised for each application. Our experienced engineers will design a battery that aligns with your specific requirements and fulfils your needs. Contact us today!


Custom Battery Packs

Custom Battery pack – Case study

This business case study focuses on Celltech’s successful development and implementation of an advanced lithium-ion battery solution for a cordless household appliance. The previous battery solution faced limitations in terms of battery life, capacity, and power. To address these challenges and improve the overall performance and user experience, Celltech developed a new battery solution.

The development process followed the Celltech Lifecycle model, which involved collaborating with customers to understand their requirements and specifications. Through simulations and careful evaluation, Celltech determined the most suitable battery chemistry, life cycle, size, price, and environmental profile for the solution. The battery solution was designed with considerations for mechanical structure, safety features, weight optimization, and desired shape, ensuring durability, safety, and high performance.

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