Medical batteries

Battery Solutions for Medical Equipment

At Celltech, we have cultivated decades of expertise as a key supplier to premier medical device manufacturers, with a solid ISO 13485 certification. Our strategy is based on offering dependable, high-performance batteries specially designed to meet the particular needs of the medical sector. With dedicated engineering, design, and testing facilities, we ensure comprehensive Celltech Lifecycle support for our customers’ products.

When Dependability is Critical

Our design philosophy is firmly grounded in performance, reliability, and safety—crucial elements for medical device power supplies. As medical technologies evolve, the need for functionality in compact, portable designs becomes more pronounced. Our power solutions are meticulously engineered to occupy minimal space while maximising energy efficiency and operational longevity. We offer a wide array of standard product sizes and configurations. For devices with unique power requirements, our engineers are capable of designing and manufacturing custom solutions that precisely match the needs of almost any application.

Celltech’s Commitment and Expertise

At Celltech, we recognise the vital role of reliable power sources in healthcare applications. With two specialised factories and decades of sector-specific experience, we excel in delivering battery solutions that elevate medical equipment’s performance, reliability, and durability.

Selecting Your Customised Medical Battery: Essential Considerations

Selecting the correct battery is foundational to a medical device’s success. Key considerations include:

Early Engagement and Expertise

Engaging with your battery manufacturer early in the design process ensures seamless integration and optimal performance. Our extensive experience in the medical sector proves invaluable in this collaboration.

Battery Type and Design Flexibility

Prioritising requirements over chemistry and tailoring designs to meet specific device needs effectively.

Battery Life and Compliance

Considering lifespan, recycling compliance with local regulations, and ensuring the battery meets legislative standards are critical.

Certification Support and Time-to-Market

We assist with testing, certifications, and planning for lead times to streamline market entry.


A wide range of batteries for medical applications

Celltech’s 40 years of experience delivering battery products ensures the highest performance in critical life-saving situations.

Diagnostic and Monitoring Equipment

Including batteries for patient monitors, ECG units, and blood analysis devices.

Therapeutic Devices

Power solutions for respirators, dialysis machines, and defibrillators.

Mobility and Support Systems

Batteries designed for electric wheelchairs, patient lifts, and portable medical carts.

Celltech’s Medical Battery Expertise

Quality Management System

Our German and Chinese manufacturing sites specialise in medical batteries. They maintain ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 13485 certifications, reflecting our commitment to high production standards.

Extensive Testing and Supply Chain Management

We conduct rigorous testing of protective circuits and emphasise a robust supply chain to ensure quality and timely delivery.

Long Supplier Partnerships and Battery Design Expertise

Our long-standing partnerships with suppliers and our capability to design comprehensive battery solutions, including BMS and medical-grade cases, cater specifically to each application’s needs.

End-to-End Capabilities and Continuous Innovation

We handle all aspects of the battery lifecycle with our Celltech Lifecycle approach, from design to recycling, with a constant drive to explore new technologies and chemistries.

Contact us to learn more about how Celltech can equip you with the right battery solution, no matter the size or type of your medical equipment.