Non-road vehicle batteries

The shift towards the electrification of non-road vehicles is advancing rapidly, with a significant portion of the transition fuelled by adopting Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technology.  The machines that once ran on internal combustion engines are now being re-engineered to function on hybrid and fully electric power sources.

Batteries designed to withstand extreme conditions

Industrial vehicles, in particular, require robust battery pack architectures that can withstand extreme conditions. The battery systems must be designed to operate in a range of harsh environments, including outdoor and acidic conditions, as well as those with high and low temperatures.

To meet this demand, Celltech provides modular and advanced battery systems that are specifically engineered to perform under these challenging conditions. Furthermore, our intelligent battery management system can continuously monitor and optimise battery system parameters, such as the State of Health (SoH), to improve performance and extend the battery system’s lifespan.

Non-road vehicle batteries

Benefits of Li-ion technology for non-road vehicle batteries

One of the critical factors driving the adoption of Li-ion batteries is their high energy density, which results in more extended operating times and improved efficiency. Compared to traditional Lead Acid batteries, Li-ion batteries are lighter, smaller, and more efficient, which makes them ideal for applications that require high energy density and reduced weight.

High-quality  battery systems

At Celltech, we recognise the critical role that batteries play in the electrification of non-road vehicles. We are committed to delivering high-quality battery systems, with our Celltech Lifecycle model, that meet the demands of various industries, including agriculture, construction, and material handling. If you require additional information about our products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to assist you with your battery system needs.