Celltech Lifecycle and Capabilities

At Celltech, we power the change with our innovative battery solutions that focus on the total cost of ownership and sustainability throughout the value chain. Our approach is centred around providing transparency, flexibility, and safety while meeting the needs of our customers throughout the entire length of the partnership.

Celltech Lifecycle prepares for changes

We understand that requirements and regulations can change, so we always take a long-term view when designing and developing our battery solutions. By carefully defining and evaluating the solution’s requirements, we ensure that it has a long lifetime without the need for frequent replacements due to environmental changes.

A video explaining Celltech Lifecycle

Celltech Lifecycle enabling circular economy 

Our commitment to sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We strive to provide solutions that meet our customers’ needs while considering their environmental impact. Furthermore, we consider the entire battery solution lifecycle and aim to create circular economy solutions that can be reused or recycled at the end of their first life.

Safety is our top priority

We believe in transparency for all parties involved in our projects, and we provide flexibility to adapt to any unforeseen changes that may arise along the way. Safety is also a top priority, and we ensure our solutions are safe for our customers and the end-users of the products where our solutions are being used.

At Celltech, we have a dedicated team that is always ready to assist our customers throughout the lifetime of their battery solutions. Our factories and strong partnerships with trusted suppliers allow us to provide all the logistics services and certifications needed.

Celltech Lifecycle

The Celltech Way of Doing Things

When the battery solution reaches the end of its first life, we help with second-life applications and recycling, ensuring we minimise our environmental impact and reduce waste.

Celltech Lifecycle is “The Celltech way of doing things.” We always consider the entire lifecycle of the solution, and we provide innovative, sustainable solutions that meet our customers’ needs while minimising their environmental impact.

Let’s power the change together!