Battery Certification

At Celltech, we take the performance and reliability of our battery systems seriously. That’s why we have extensive in-house testing capabilities that allow our design engineers to pre-qualify and validate our designs. We conduct a wide range of tests, including cell qualification, cycle life, mechanical shock, thermal cycling, fire propagation, vibration, environmental compliance, EMC compliance, and many other attributes during a new product’s design and validation process.

Tests in globally recognised laboratories

We understand that in today’s global market, providing tested and certified products that comply with various international standards is crucial. That’s why we closely cooperate with globally recognised test laboratories from initial design to final battery certification. As a result, we provide tested and certified products for global markets that meet and exceed the necessary safety, energy efficiency, and environmental regulations.

We test our products under authorised conditions to ensure they meet various ISO/IEC certifications, ranging from various safety aspects to insulation and electromagnetic compatibility. Our battery certifications confirm that our solutions are safe, energy-efficient, and sustainable to ensure peace of mind for our customers.

Four test laboratories for battery certification

To ensure the highest quality, we have four test laboratories specialising in cell, battery pack, and battery systems performance and reliability tests and failure analysis. We also do third-party testing and work closely with Europe’s leading research institutions. Our testing services include cell-level analysis and testing, system-level analysis and testing, environmental simulations and tests, EMC testing, plastic analysis, functional safety analysis and testing, and battery certification according to all applicable standards.

We can guarantee that our battery systems are reliable, safe, and efficient by conducting rigorous testing and certification processes. This is critical for our customers, who depend on our solutions to power their applications in various industries. We are committed to providing the highest quality battery systems and ensuring they meet and exceed the necessary standards and regulations.