Battery Production

Five certified battery production sites

Celltech is a leading manufacturer of battery systems with extensive resources and capacity to manage projects from initial idea to mass production and delivery globally. We have five production sites in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Bulgaria and China and complete in-house design, tooling, production, and testing capabilities.

Celltech Group has cutting-edge research and development, and high-quality manufacturing processes. Our R&D and production sites encompass significant resources and scalability, facilitating battery production for different industries.

Celltech Group manufacturing adheres to the highest industry standards with ISO certifications, including ISO9001 for quality management systems, ISO45001 for occupational health and safety management, ISO14001 for environmental management systems, and ISO 13485 for medical device industry requirements.

Battery pack and -system production capabilities

We have a wealth of expertise in battery production, from mass production of battery packs to serial production of industrial vehicle battery systems and industrial ESS systems. To ensure products’ highest quality and durability, we use various advanced technologies in our manufacturing plants, such as laser-, resistance-, and ultrasonic welding. We also have a 100% computerised final check to guarantee consistency in their products.

In addition to advanced manufacturing capabilities, we are also dedicated to sustainability and the environment. The company has obtained ISO 14001 certification for their manufacturing plants, highlighting its commitment to environmentally-friendly practices.

Scalability in production

We can manage projects of varying sizes and complexity by having scalable manufacturing plants in key locations. In addition, with complete in-house design, tooling, production, and testing capabilities, we can ensure that every aspect of the battery system is designed and tested to meet the highest standards.