Design and Development

At Celltech, we pride ourselves on designing and developing innovative solutions to solve our customers’ battery, battery system and power supply challenges. Our experienced engineers work closely with leading battery cell suppliers, ensuring early access to the most advanced and robust cells.

Sustainable solutions based on 40 years of experience

With four decades of experience, we have established a history of working with Tier 1 suppliers in the battery industry. We ensure product quality and availability and strive for several supplier alternatives for critical components.

We design battery packs and systems that combine tested and reliable technology with advanced and flexible software in a rugged and compact mechanical structure. Our close partnerships with suppliers and clients enable us to deliver optimal, safe, and reliable power and energy sources for our customers’ applications.

We understand the importance of Time To Market and Performance

We carefully consider every detail during the design phase, including the system’s design, sourcing of long lead-time components, tooling, schedules, time-to-market, and performance requirements. With the latest BMS technology and a focus on safety, durability, optimal weight, and desired shape, we design battery solutions that meet our customers’ specifications and exceed their expectations. Contact us today to learn how we can help power your applications.