Verification and Validation

At Celltech, we understand the importance of a reliable battery system for your product to function. That’s why we ensure our customised battery solutions fit their intended purpose in all circumstances.

Prototyping to ensure the desired functioning in all circumstances

Our verification and validation process begins with the use of prototypes. Our efficient prototyping method can include rapid prototyping as well as complete prototype builds, allowing customers to test the system in the actual application from one maturity sample to the next until final approval.

Prototypes are used for testing, simulation, and validation to ensure that all functional safety and other functional requirements are met. Safety should be tested in both standard and misuse of the battery. The required tests may vary depending on the local regulations of the countries where the final product will be used. We have the capability to carry out various tests required by local standards.

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

An essential part of the validation and verification is Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) conducted to verify the operation of the battery system and ensure that all the customers’ purchase order specifications and other requirements have been met.

At Celltech, we are committed to achieving an extended battery system lifetime combined with fast time to market. Contact us today to learn more about our battery system verification and validation process and how we can help you ensure the reliability of your product’s battery system.