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Celltech Solutions Factory Opening Lintilä

Celltech solutions Oy

Celltech Solutions Oy is accelerating industrial electrification with its durable and sturdy battery platforms. The factory was inaugurated on October 4, 2022, and the production series will commence in early 2023.

The green transition demands industrial electrification, and Tampere provides a favorable environment for this development. Since 2014, Celltech Solutions Oy has been making preparations to launch a battery systems factory by hiring experts, ensuring supply chains, and crafting battery systems that suit the specific needs of industrial vehicles.

“The timing has to be right and now is the right time to start production. It’s a great day! Today we step into the future with Celltech, Addtech, Finland, and maybe to a small extent even the whole world”, said Niklas Stenberg, CEO and President of Addtech AB in his opening speech.

Niklas Stenberg Ceo President Addtech Ab
Niklas Stenberg, CEO and President of Addtech AB

“It is no coincidence that we are opening a factory in Tampere. There are global customers here, a good partner network and a high-class technical university, thanks to which the locality has a skilled workforce and other cooperation opportunities.”

Celltech Solutions Oy’s battery systems will be seen e.g. in the mining, port, forest machine and robot industries. One of the first customers is construction machinery manufacturer Dynapac AB, whose electrified street rollers will use battery systems supplied by Celltech Solutions.

“Batteries have never played as big a role in society as they do today, for the simple reason that batteries are an important part of the transition towards clean energy”, stated Minister of Economic Affairs of Finland Mika Lintilä in his opening speech.

“It can be seen that almost everything that can, will be electrified. This requires a lot of batteries and it is great to see that Celltech Solutions is investing to be able to meet this growing need,” he continues.

“Affordable renewable energy and rapidly developing battery technology will significantly change the way we produce and store energy in the next thirty years”, said Deputy Mayor of City of Tampere Matti Helimo in his speech.

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“Currently, more than 75% of the world’s energy is produced with fossil fuels or nuclear power. According to estimates, in the mid-twenties, renewable energy production will be cost-competitive, and by 2050 it will have displaced fossil fuels in industry, logistics and energy production. The war in Ukraine and its consequences for the energy sector and business life in Europe must not stop us on our way towards these global goals.”, he continues.

Celltech has long been Finland’s leading company focused on special battery systems and, together with its sister companies, one of the largest players in its field in Europe. The new Tampere factory is part of Celltech’s growth plan.

“Through ongoing recruitment, we will employ more than 50 people at the Tampere factory this year and next”, says Kim Nikitin, CEO of Celltech Solutions Oy.