Battery technology company Celltech to open a battery factory in Tampere

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Tampere, Finland

Celltech is responding to the growing trend of industrial electrification with a multimillion-euro investment in production capacity. The new factory will focus on battery systems for industrial vehicles and include an Engineering & Development Centre (EDC) serving all units of Celltech. The project will create jobs for dozens of people in Tampere. 

Celltech, Finland’s leading manufacturer of battery systems, is making a major investment in Tampere driven by the ever-growing demand for industrial electrification. The first customer projects got under way a couple of years ago, and prototypes have already been shipped to Finland’s leading industrial companies as well as foreign customers. Serial production at the new factory is due to begin at the start of next year.

The company is currently in the process of recruiting labour. The factory will provide jobs for between 50 and 80 people during its first two years of operation. Job descriptions range from engineering and product development to industrial-scale manufacturing.

New factory to incorporate an Engineering & Development Centre (EDC)

Celltech, which operates in six countries, is also opening a new Engineering & Development Centre (EDC) in Tampere.

“We have been making batteries and battery systems for global industrial customers for more than 30 years. The new factory in Tampere will complement our production units in Sweden and China. The factory will incorporate an Engineering & Development Centre (EDC) serving all units of Celltech Group”, explains Celltech’s Chief Operating Officer Kim Nikitin.

Tampere is a great location for high-tech suppliers. Cooperation with local universities has got off to a good start. The City of Tampere is also pleased about the project.

“We are delighted to see how many different kinds of businesses choose to establish themselves in Tampere. We are also working hard to make the city an increasingly attractive place to live, with a range of amenities catering for everyday needs and special occasions alike”, says Deputy Mayor Jaakko Stenhäll.

“Finland and Tampere are home to world-class expertise in this industry, which has taken great strides forward in the last couple of years. We specialise in designing and manufacturing battery solutions for industrial vehicles such as mining and forestry machinery. For industrial businesses, electrification is no longer an option to be explored in the future but a necessity and an integral element of their growth and corporate responsibility strategies”, Kim Nikitin says.

Celltech is Finland’s leading importer of custom batteries and a manufacturer of battery systems. Together with its sister companies, Celltech Group is one of the biggest players in the industry in Europe. Celltech Group is part of the Sweden-based Addtech AB Group.