Celltech Group’s Companies Staubo Elektro-Maskin AS and PowerNor AS Merge to Form Celltech AS, Strengthening our Battery and Power Solutions Market Presence in Norway

PowerNor and Staubo Elektro Maskin become Celltech AS

In an exciting development, two prominent companies under the Celltech Group umbrella, Staubo Elektro-Maskin AS and PowerNor AS, have officially merged to create a new entity, Celltech AS. This merger marks a significant step forward in the battery and power solutions industry in Norway. The newly formed Celltech AS is set to lead the way in delivering innovative solutions, quality services, and a strong commitment to sustainability.

A Strong Foundation and Expertise

Staubo Elektro-Maskin AS, established in 1959, has a long-standing reputation in Norway for delivering high-quality solutions and expertise in demanding customer projects. Meanwhile, PowerNor AS, founded in 2003, has garnered trust as a reliable provider of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems to sectors such as hospitals, universities, and infrastructure projects. This merger capitalises on the strengths and capabilities of both companies, positioning Celltech AS as a leading total supplier of battery solutions, UPS systems, DC power systems, and energy storage.

The merger is expected to open up a world of synergistic opportunities that will benefit not only the organisation but also its customers. By joining forces, Celltech AS becomes a larger and stronger entity, equipped with international heritage and the ability to provide comprehensive solutions to clients’ power needs.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Celltech AS places a strong emphasis on supplying sustainable business solutions, aligning with the growing market demand for environmentally friendly practices. The company already holds ISO 9001 certification and aims to achieve ISO 14001 certification in the near future, emphasising its dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainable practices.

The company’s priorities revolve around offering long-lasting Celltech Lifecycle -solutions with optimised Total Cost of Ownership, ensuring quality and customer satisfaction. The merger enables Celltech AS to leverage Celltech Group’s expertise in designing safe and high-quality solutions while striving towards a circular economy. Celltech Lifecycle capabilities ensure a sustainable approach throughout the battery lifecycle, including recycling to minimise environmental impact.

Enhanced Service Capabilities

With a combined workforce of 15 employees and offices in Oslo and Skjetten, Celltech AS operates with a skilled team of battery professionals and a dedicated service department covering all of Norway. The company also boasts its own warehouse in Oslo and a state-of-the-art UPS lab, further enhancing its capabilities.

The merger expands Celltech’s reach in Norway, enabling it to offer enhanced services and support to a broader customer base. Celltech is well-positioned to offer tailored solutions, leveraging the expertise and knowledge shared between the merging companies to meet diverse customer requirements effectively.

The merger also facilitates the exchange of talent, expertise, and innovation between the two companies, fostering a collaborative environment for skill development and continuous innovation.

As a result of the merger between Staubo Elektro-Maskin AS and PowerNor AS, Celltech AS emerges as a stronger and more comprehensive battery and power solutions provider, poised to deliver cutting-edge products, tailored solutions, and exceptional customer service. With the backing of Celltech Group’s expertise and resources, Celltech AS is dedicated to driving innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction in the battery and power solutions market.