Celltech Powers a New Vehicle Combat and Logistics System Equipped with a Drone

Power Solution For A Vehicle With A Drone

Celltech AS, a leading battery and power solutions provider in Norway, proudly announces its contribution to a groundbreaking security and military segment project integrating advanced vehicle and drone technology. This collaboration with Storm Defence and Teledyne FLIR has resulted in the development of a power system for the Modular Vehicle Combat and Logistics System (MVCLS) and the Teledyne FLIR SkyRanger R70 drone. This innovative solution marks a significant advancement in tactical operations for defence, law enforcement, rescue services, and special forces.

Cutting-Edge Integration: MilCap and MVCLS with SkyRanger R70

The new product features the MilCap and MVCLS seamlessly integrated with the Teledyne FLIR SkyRanger R70 drone. This combination provides unparalleled flexibility, rapid deployment, and enhanced mission success across various operational scenarios. The system is designed to simplify drone operations and offers seamless integration with civilian pickup trucks, making it a versatile and cost-effective solution.

The observation platform can be left where needed and operated from elsewhere in radio silence. It provides an elevated view of what is going on around it.

Key Benefits

Rapid Deployment:
The DockLock quick attachment system allows the system to be attached or detached in minutes.

Compatible with various vehicles and adaptable to different mission requirements.

Built to withstand harsh environments and heavy-duty use.

Incorporates environmentally friendly materials and design.

 Ideal Applications

  • Defense
  • Police and law enforcement
  • Rescue services
  • Special forces
  • Drone-related operations

Celltech’s Role in the Project

Celltech AS played a crucial role in this project by providing a complete power system for the solution. The system includes a combined charger and inverter, lithium battery, touch panel, and digitally switched outputs. This setup ensures seamless power supply and control, enhancing the operational efficiency and flexibility of the integrated system.

Technical Specifications

Power Sources:
Can be charged from the vehicle’s DC supply or an external AC 230V source.

Monitoring and Control:
Touch panel interface for the system and DC output control.

Battery Life:
Lithium battery provides approximately 4 hours of continuous flight time, extendable with additional batteries.

Project Insights

The collaboration has resulted in an advanced automatic launch and recovery system for drones integrated with Storm Defence vehicles and their MilCap solution. This integration ensures efficient and safe drone operations even in challenging environments. The MilCap solution, powered by Celltech, connects to a 100-meter-long cable, enabling autonomous or user-controlled operations. This allows for extended operation times and safe withdrawal when necessary.

“We at Celltech have found this project to be extremely interesting and rewarding. Seeing the system in action and receiving feedback from potential customers has been truly gratifying. We are excited about the opportunity to continue developing this project further in collaboration with Storm Defence and Teledyne Flir,” says Halvor Moe Bjørnstad, Managing Director of Celltech AS.

About the Teledyne FLIR SkyRanger R70 Drone

The SkyRanger R70 is designed for demanding UAS operations, setting new standards in performance and reliability. It features a robust carbon fibre and magnesium airframe, open architecture for expanded capabilities, and advanced autonomous flight capabilities. The R70 operates efficiently in challenging conditions, including high altitudes and strong winds.

About the Modular Vehicle Combat and Logistics System (MVCLS)

The MVCLS, developed by Storm Defence, is a Norwegian-patented system designed for defence applications in harsh environments. Its modular design allows for rapid attach/detach operations, enhancing the adaptability and efficiency of military logistics and operations.

About Celltech AS

Celltech AS is part of the Celltech Group, a renowned European battery and power solutions provider. With a strong emphasis on sustainability and quality, Celltech AS delivers top-tier products and tailored solutions across various industries, including defence, medical, robotics, and industrial OEMs. Its ISO certifications and sustainable Celltech Lifecycle operational model reflect its commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility.


Celltech AS’s innovative power solution for the MilCap and MVCLS integrated with the Teledyne FLIR SkyRanger R70 drone represents a significant leap forward in tactical operations. This collaboration highlights the company’s dedication to providing cutting-edge, sustainable solutions that meet the evolving needs of the defence and law enforcement sectors.