Celltech Solutions Oy at Agritechnica 2023 Fair

Agritechnica 2023

In a world where sustainability is paramount, the agricultural industry is undergoing a significant transformation. With the goal of reducing environmental impact and improving operational efficiency, agriculture is embracing electrification. At the forefront of this movement stands Celltech Solutions Oy a part of Celltech Group, a leading provider of industrial battery solutions. In November 2023, we’re taking our expertise and innovative solutions to Agritechnica, the world’s leading trade fair for agricultural technology, held in Hanover.

Electrifying Agriculture: A Global Imperative

Agriculture is one of the world’s most critical sectors, providing food and wood for billions of people. However, it’s also responsible for a substantial portion of global greenhouse gas emissions, approximately 10%. To address this challenge, equipment manufacturers are increasingly considering the electrification of agricultural machinery. It’s a shift that promises lower fuel costs, reduced maintenance expenses, quieter operations, and lower emissions. But electrifying this industry isn’t without its challenges, including limited onboard battery capacity, high power demands, and harsh operating conditions.

Celltech offers a range of battery solutions to the OEMs in the agricultural sector. With over 40 years of experience in providing customised battery solutions for various applications, our company specialises in sustainable electrification. Our battery solutions offer a lower total cost of ownership, reduced environmental impact, and faster time to market.

Celltech Solution’s Battery Platforms: Supporting Agricultural Electrification

Celltech Solutions Oy has developed three cutting-edge battery platforms, namely Beetle, Turtle, and Rhino, each tailored to different agricultural machinery needs.

1. Beetle: Designed for small machinery such as drones, AGVs, and robots, Beetle offers high energy density, high power density, and long cycle life. It can be configured to fit the space and weight constraints of various equipment, providing flexibility for electrification.

2. Turtle: This durable battery platform is perfect for small to medium-sized machinery like mini tractors, excavators, and loaders. Offering high power density, rapid charge and discharge rates, and excellent performance in extreme temperatures, Turtle can be used as a buffering battery for serial hybrid powertrains or for frequent charging applications.

3. Rhino: For heavy-duty machinery like cranes, forklifts, and harvesting equipment, Rhino provides high power density, reliable performance, and impressive durability. It serves as an auxiliary battery for parallel hybrid powertrains or as a backup battery for fuel cell hybrid powertrains.

Each of these platforms forms a robust foundation for developing customised battery solutions that cater to the specific requirements of agricultural machinery, all while maintaining the highest safety standards.

Powering Serial Hybrid Solutions

Celltech Solutions Oy goes beyond traditional electrification by providing custom Lithium-Titanate (LTO) battery solutions for serial hybrid systems. These solutions are ideal for future serial hybrid machinery that combines internal combustion engines with renewable fuels, like biodiesel, Methanol, Ethanol, or HVO. LTO chemistry excels in high power density, fast charge and discharge rates, long cycle life, and exceptional low-temperature performance. By integrating LTO battery solutions into serial hybrid systems, Celltech enhances their performance, efficiency, and durability.

The Celltech Lifecycle Model: A Holistic Approach

Our commitment to our customers doesn’t end with delivering cutting-edge battery solutions. We offer dedicated and highly trained support, including installation, commissioning, maintenance, repair, and replacement services. Our extensive testing processes, including Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and certification, ensure the operation and compliance of our battery solutions with specified requirements. The Celltech Lifecycle Model focuses on the total cost of ownership and sustainability, from design to recycling. It provides transparency and flexibility for our customers, ensuring the safety of both solution operators and end-users.

Your Partner in Sustainable Electrification

The electrification of agriculture promises a more sustainable and efficient industry. However, it requires meticulous planning, design, testing, and integration. Celltech is not just a provider; we are your trusted partner in sustainable electrification. Whether your agricultural equipment needs battery solutions for small drones or heavy cranes, we possess the expertise, resources, and industry experience to deliver excellence.

Join us at Agritechnica 2023 in Hanover, where we will showcase our groundbreaking battery solutions for agricultural machinery. Our Beetle, Turtle, and Rhino platforms represent the future of agricultural electrification. We invite you to connect with us at the event or contact us today to explore how we can collaborate to electrify your agricultural equipment. Together, we can create a more sustainable and efficient future for agriculture.

Mark your calendars for November 12-18, 2023, and join us at Agritechnica 2023 in Hanover, at Hall 17, Stand E11.