Celltech Supplies UPS for a New Subway Line Extension in Oslo 

Celltech Supplies UPS for a New Subway Line Extension in Oslo

Picture: Halvor Moe Bjørnstad, Managing Director of Celltech and Irene Måsøval, Director of Fornebubanen, sign the contract.

Fornebubanen, a new subway line extension in Oslo, promises to enhance the existing network by addressing future traffic demands, easing the burden on the city’s surface transport, and supporting urban development. With features designed to alleviate pressure on surface transport networks and spur development along its route, this line also emphasises resilience and sustainability.  

For this project, Celltech AS (a part of Celltech Group) has been selected as the comprehensive emergency power solutions supplier. Celltech provides UPS emergency power systems from Vertiv and batteries from CSB, ensuring continuous service during power interruptions and enhancing the infrastructure’s reliability.  Additionally, Celltech will offer technical support. With over 40 years of experience and a dedication to sustainability, Celltech is recognised as a dependable partner, aligning with the project’s commitment to green transition goals. 

Norway’s largest subway development project 

Fornebubanen represents the most significant subway expansion in the Oslo capital area in recent decades. Officially decided in 2011, the Fornebu Line project broke ground in 2020 with an expected construction duration of eight years, aiming for completion in 2029. This extension from Majorstuen to Fornebu, approximately 7.7 kilometres long, will run entirely underground in a tunnel and include six new subway stations. Travel time between Fornebu and Majorstuen is projected to be just 12 minutes.  

Managed by Fornebubanen agency on behalf of the Oslo and Akershus county municipalities, this project marks the largest subway development since the expansions in the 1960s and 70s. It aims to provide efficient and effective transportation across the entire Oslo region, greatly enhancing connectivity and communication while offering an eco-friendly alternative to reduce car reliance. 


Picture: Fornebubanen

Ensuring Uninterrupted Commutes: The Role of UPS and Battery Systems in  Fornebubanen Project

Fornebubanen project places significant emphasis on the deployment of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, which are vital for maintaining continuous and reliable subway operations during power disruptions. UPS systems are crucial for supplying immediate power to critical components such as signalling, communication, and control systems at the first sign of main power supply failure. This seamless transition to backup power is crucial for avoiding interruptions in service, which is paramount for the safety and convenience of commuters. 

Fornebu Line requires particularly robust UPS and battery systems designed to store enough energy to manage sudden power outages efficiently. These systems are critical in a subway environment, where even a brief loss of power can severely disrupt operations and compromise safety. 

One of the primary challenges addressed by these systems is the minimisation of service downtime. In an urban setting like Oslo, where the subway is integral to the public transportation network, ensuring uninterrupted service is essential for the daily commutes of thousands of residents. 

From Supply to Support: Celltech’s Comprehensive Role in Fornebubanen Line

At Celltech, we are proud to be a part of  Fornebubanen project, a strategic collaboration to enhance the reliability and sustainability of Oslo’s new subway line. Our experts have worked closely with Fornebubanen project’s team to understand the critical needs of the Fornebu Line. As a result, we have been selected to supply high quality UPS units from Vertiv, and high-performance CSB batteries, renowned for their efficiency and reliability. These systems are designed to ensure a continuous power supply and maintain operational integrity during power outages, crucial for the subway’s uninterrupted functionality. 

Our commitment to this project extends beyond just supplying equipment. We are fully involved in the installation process, ensuring that every component integrates seamlessly with the existing infrastructure for optimal performance and safety. Through our comprehensive service agreements, we also provide ongoing maintenance and technical support, guaranteeing the longevity and reliability of the systems we install. 

Sustainable Development in Oslo: Fornebubanen Metro supported by Celltech Lifecycle Model

Fornebubanen metro project is pivotal in driving growth and sustainable development in the Oslo area. It aligns with plans to build 11,000 new homes and create 20,000 jobs in Fornebu, emphasising the need for eco-friendly transportation solutions to reduce car usage. This development not only supports urban expansion but also enhances the area above the metro tunnel, contributing to overall urban improvement.  

Complementing this commitment to sustainability, Celltech, as the supplier for the project’s UPS and battery needs, is taking care of the entire process from early specifications all the way to recycling according to Celltech Lifecycle model. We provide long-lasting battery solutions and  ensure that the battery solutions provided are cost-effective and with a minimised environmental impact.The UPS solutions selected from Vertiv also enable condition-based maintenance. Here there are major savings both in maintenance costs and in the environmental accounts since parts are replaced when needed, and not at fixed intervals. Fixed intervals for component replacements must necessarily be done before all components need to be replaced. 

Moreover, Celltech’s commitment extends to logistics, with all shipments to the site being conducted via electric vehicles, further reducing the carbon footprint of the Fornebubanen project. 


Fornebubanen project stands as a groundbreaking advancement in Oslo’s public transportation system, setting new standards for reliability, sustainability, and urban connectivity. Through the strategic integration of advanced UPS and battery systems provided by Celltech, Fornebubanen ensures uninterrupted operation and minimal service downtime, crucial for the daily commutes of thousands.  

This project not only accommodates the growing urban population and reduces car reliance but also bolsters economic development with the creation of new jobs and homes. Celltech’s role in this transformative project underscores a shared commitment to environmental stewardship and technological innovation, promising a greener, more connected future for Oslo.