Celltech’s Battery Solutions at Evertiq Fair 2023

Evertiq Gothenburg 2023

As pioneers in battery expertise and product development, Celltech is excited to announce our participation in the upcoming Evertiq Fair in Sweden. The event unites minds, technologies, and opportunities and will take place on September 20, 2023, at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in Gothenburg. It offers a unique space for collaboration, learning, and growth.

Connecting with Tomorrow’s Industries

Celltech’s battery expertise spans diverse industries, including manufacturing, medical, defence, R&D, electrification of “Non-road” vehicles, and robotics. Our tailored battery solutions address the distinct needs of various sectors, highlighting our commitment to innovative solutions at the crossroads of technology and practicality.
We’ll spotlight our battery proficiency alongside advanced battery packs and product development solutions. Recognising batteries’ pivotal role in the present and future tech landscape, we stand at the heart of electronics understanding.

Collaborative Optimisation

Celltech excels in collaborative optimisation. We work closely with clients to ensure solutions align with performance, cost-efficiency, quality, logistics, lifecycle, and environmental impact. Our Celltech Lifecycle approach reflects a nuanced understanding of client needs, delivering sustainable battery solutions that excel on multiple fronts.
Our offering includes batteries, advanced battery systems and -packs, power supplies, and energy storage solutions. Deep expertise in battery chemistries empowers us to craft customised solutions for specific client requirements.

Join us on September 20, 2023, at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre. Let’s engage in meaningful discussions, explore collaboration, and shape a future where technology and purpose harmonise seamlessly.

For insights into Celltech’s offerings, meet us at booth 21. Let’s electrify the future together!