Robotbrag – Denmark

Robotbrag 2023

On Wednesday, 3 May 2023, the Danish Technological Institute and DIRA invite you to the annual Robotbrag in Odense, Denmark. At DIRA Business and ROBOTBRAG 2023, companies and students can gain insight into tomorrow’s production and robot technology.

Celltech A/S will be one of more than 70 exhibitors when the biggest robot party of the year kicks off at the Danish Technological Institute’s three robot innovation halls, DIRA Business’ famous circus tent and an outdoor area for mobile robots and drones.

As the Celltech Group develops and produces battery solutions for robot and AVG applications, ROBOTBRAG is an interesting fair. “We see a strong need for optimisation of different battery types for robots and AGVs”, says Kristian Tønnes, Managing Director of Celltech Denmark. ” ROBOTBRAG is a perfect opportunity to meet existing and new customers as well as provide general information about batteries, trends and opportunities.”

May 3, 2023, will be a meeting point for companies who are curious about the new possibilities of robotics, while May 4, 2023, will continue in the spirit of future robot players, where pupils and students can come to a learning day and sniff out the many possibilities of robotics.

At DIRA Business and ROBOTBRAG 2023, you can meet companies, DIRA, impartial specialists from the Danish Technological Institute and robots.

At Celltech’s stand, we can discuss about the different battery chemistries, advantages, disadvantages and the way to the safe and sustainable battery solution.

Feel free to book an appointment for a non-binding chat about your battery project in advance.

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