Sustainable Organisation: Diversity


On International Women’s Day, we present Celltech Group’s Sustainable Organisation Goal of 40% female leadership by 2030.

We believe that varied and representative teams are essential for being a good employer. Diverse teams ensure positive business growth and increased well-being. In addition, good employers attract talented workers.

As a result, we seek people with wide backgrounds. We operate globally and employ people of various nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. We also have a large number of women on our teams.

We have measurable and time-bound sustainability goals in three areas of focus at Celltech Group: business, organisation, and supply chain. These goals demonstrate our ambition and direction.

On International Women’s Day, we’d like to introduce some female battery professionals who work for Celltech companies:

Gunnhildur Robertsdóttir Purchaser at Staubo Elektro-Maskin AS
Kathleen Potter, Operations Manager at Fairfield Solutions Ltd
Lotta Pettersson, CFO at Celltech Abatel AB
Lydia Huang, MD at Celltech (Zhongshan) Ltd.
Mette Juhl, Key Account Manager at Celltech A/S
Riikka Keränen, Production and IT Solutions Manager at Celltech Solutions Oy
Tiina Turpeinen, Business Unit Manager at Celltech Oy
Tracy Tao, Sales Manager at Celltech International Ltd